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About Umbaugh Cash Advisory Services

At UCAS, we understand that municipalities continue to face budget challenges and are increasingly being asked to do more with less. Developing an efficient banking and investment program that not only protects your funds, but also provides an adequate return is no easy task.

This is where our experienced team at UCAS comes in to assist our municipal clients with professional investment advice. When it comes to investing public dollars, we focus on safety, liquidity and return, in that order. Our core business is assisting our clients in developing short-term structured portfolios for their bond proceeds and operating funds. Our goal is to assist our clients in safely generating additional interest earnings for their budgets.

UCAS is a federally registered investment advisor. For more information about our qualifications and business practices see Our Services.

We provide the following services:

  • Bond Proceeds Investment Advisory
  • Operating Funds Investment Advisory
  • Banking Request for Proposal Services
  • Construction Fund Administration Services


Jeffrey A. Messer

Director of Umbaugh Cash Advisory Services, LLC, Indianapolis, IN

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Jeffrey A. Messer serves as an independent investment advisor in Michigan, Indiana and Illinois. He has 22 years of banking experience in Michigan, Indiana and throughout the Midwest with an emphasis on public funds banking and investments.

At Umbaugh Cash Advisory Services he provides investment and banking services to municipalities throughout Indiana and Michigan, including helping municipalities invest their municipal bond proceeds and operating funds. Messer has assisted municipalities in structuring more than $1 billion of municipal bond proceeds. He also led a team of bankers in creating two new successful municipal investment products.

Messer joined Umbaugh in 2005. His group provides independent advice on investments in excess of $450 million in assets for school districts and local units of government throughout Indiana and Michigan and is responsible for bank analysis and RFPs for banking services for many Umbaugh clients.

Messer also is responsible for the many services provided by the Michigan School Investment Association.

He writes weekly commentary for the Michigan School Investment Association’s Weekly Market Review and is often called upon to give presentations at various association conferences in Michigan and Indiana on investment-related topics.

He is a graduate of Indiana University.

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George L. Bawcum

Portfolio Manager, Cash Advisory Services, LLC, Indianapolis, IN

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George L. Bawcum serves as an independent investment advisor in Indiana and Michigan. Prior to joining to Umbaugh in 2006, he had more than ten years experience working with government entities and bond proceeds in corporate trust.

At Umbaugh Cash Advisory Services he is responsible for the analysis of cash flow needs of client bond proceeds and operating balances. He also structures, bids and monitors investments.

Other responsibilities include construction accounting services for client construction projects and analysis of banking service requests for proposal.

George has a degree in Economics from Indiana University.

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